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Film processing

Film processing

Our film experts will hand process your film.  All film is cut and sleeved.


35 mm               $8                                      $20 with proof sheet

120 mm              $12                                      $24 with proof sheet              

4x5                      $5 per negative              $10 with proof sheet

Black & white enlargement prints


5x7                      $30

8x10                     $65

11x14                     $110

16x20                   $180

20x24                  $200


 The Above is cost for initial enlargement.


Cost for additional prints are negotiated.


Each print is assessed by our master printer. In depth consultation is the best way to

achieve  your artistic vision.


We will provide all necessary  processes to achieve  an archival quality print including cropping,

filtering, dodging, burning, and spotting.


All is work is done by hand by Maryland artist and photographer Michel Demanche who uses

only high quality Illford papers

B & W enlargement prints
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